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Hyve-3D is an immersive design and visualization system. It allows creating three-dimensional sketches and viewing them real time in 3D. It is intended for the use of architects, designers, animators, engineers and artists.

Hyve-3D integrates well with existing 3D solutions. It can import existing 3D polygon models in the universal OBJ format and point-clouds using the PLY format. It can export vector sketches in DXF. This way you can navigate back and forth between Hyve-3D and your preferred 3D modeling software allowing several design/presentation/revision iterations.

Hyve-3D introduces a new paradigm of 3D interaction, based on tablet displays tracked in 3 dimensions and 3 axes of rotation (6DOF) combined with multi-touch gestures. You can easily create 3D sketches and navigate using a combination of simple hand and body gestures and tablet orientation.

Hyve-3D compensates for the lack of stereo depth via motion-parallax and anamorphic view. Therefore a strong feeling of 3D depth is maintained.

Hyve-3D is non-intrusive. It means that you do not need to wear a head-mounted device, gloves or glasses to view and interact with the virtual environment. Unlike with 3D glasses which occlude your view and distance you from your physical environment, in Hyve-3D you are able to see and interact with the physical environment and others next to you.

Hyve-3D fits in a 5m x 5m x 2.5m controlled natural light room. A wired internet connection and a power plug is all you need.

Absolutely. Several people can collaborate locally, working together on the same 3D environment. Also, multiple Hyve-3Ds can be connected to each other through the Internet, allowing remote collaboration.

The immersive version of the software requires the full Hyve-3D system to run. There is a non-immersive version of the software that allows regular desktops and laptops to connect to the Hyve-3D design sessions as well, however this version is not distributed separately from the full system.

Hyve-3D is a combination of specially designed software and hardware and comes as a complete package, including the projection system, spherical-crescent screen, client computer and two satellite devices with the Hyve-3D software pre-installed.

Hyve-3D is much more affordable compared to other full-size immersion systems in the market. The actual cost is highly dependent on your location and the specifics of the hardware installation, such as the desired projector resolution. We also have discounts for educational and research institutions. Please feel free to contact us.

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